No rest for the weekend as Mounties plan checkstops

May 21, 2010 — Those travelling this long weekend can expect to get stopped and checked by Alberta RCMP.

View the video on the Edmonton Sun’s website.

“What we want to do is make sure the roadways are as safe as possible (so that) everybody has an enjoyable long weekend, so they’re not affected by some tragic collision,” said Insp. James Stiles, who is in charge of RCMP traffic services in Alberta.

The Mounties are kicking off the long weekend with a series of checkstops throughout the province, as well as increasing the number of officers on duty throughout the weekend.

Drivers may be stopped

“They’re checking vehicles for impaired drivers, also for other licensing things like vehicle licensing, vehicle equipment, that sort of thing. “Of course any time we stop vehicles, a lot of times we’ll find other criminal behaviour and we’ll deal with that,” said Stiles.

Though Stiles acknowledged the inconvenience of being stuck at a checkstop, he says it’s necessary.

“If we can keep everybody obeying the rules of the road, have our visibility out there and contribute to public safety … hopefully more people will go home at the end of the (weekend),” said Stiles.

RCMP will be cracking down on impaired drivers, speeders, aggressive drivers and those who choose not to buckle up.

“The couple of seconds it takes to buckle up, it just actually boggles the mind that still, some people still choose to not wear their seatbelts,” said Stiles.

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