Leduc County Countil issues letter to residents in wake of annexation

Council responds to the City of Edmonton’s proposed annexation of 38,000 acres

March 12, 2013 – Leduc County council is issuing a letter to residents and businesses, to be published in local newspapers by week’s end, clarifying council’s stance on topics relating to the City of Edmonton’s proposed annexation.

The City of Edmonton announced March 5 that it intends to annex roughly 38,000 acres of Leduc County land, including the International Airport and a portion of Nisku.

“It is important for residents, business owners and industry partners to know that Leduc County council has ratepayers’ best interests in mind. We are not prepared to hand over vital portions of Leduc County and council will challenge the City of Edmonton throughout the process,” says Mayor John Whaley.

Leduc County has traditionally collaborated with neighbouring municipalities to reach mutually beneficial agreements when growth must be facilitated. In fact, after lengthy negotiations with the City of Leduc, Leduc County council voted March 12 to allow the city to proceed with an application to annex 1,300 acres of county land.

A letter of intent, dated April 11, 2012, demonstrates Leduc County’s willingness to explore how both the county and the City of Edmonton could grow together through examining collaborative growth options. Despite the letter being signed by both parties, alternative options for growth were never explored and instead, the City of Edmonton proceeded with an annexation application.

“We do not have a right to say no to the annexation. We have the right to come to the table and negotiate,” Whaley says. “We’re committed to working through a process and securing the best results for the region and for the ratepayers of Leduc County.”

Residents and business owners are invited to direct any questions or comments regarding the annexation proposal to the Mayor’s office at 780-955-4560 or by e-mailing annexation@leduc-county.com.

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