Fire safety stressed over long weekend

May 17, 2013 – As the May long weekend approaches, Leduc County Fire Services urges residents to use extreme caution to keep themselves and the county safe from fire.

“We ask residents to be cautious and safe this weekend – and for the remainder of the season – to prevent fires in Leduc County,” says Brad Gurmin, deputy fire chief with Leduc County Fire Services.

Leduc County will remain under a fire prevention notice over the weekend. Open burning is not recommended until a significant amount of moisture is received. Residents are urged to use extreme caution when using burn barrels or fire pits.

Fire permits will not be issued by Leduc County fire guardians and all permits that have been issued are suspended immediately.

Recent fire highlights importance of fire safety

A barbecue located too close to a dwelling played a factor in a fire that destroyed the home on a rural property north east of Beaumont Tuesday night.

“Having the barbecue too close to the house was only one of the factors to the fire, but is a good reminder for everyone to have their barbecue away from anything combustible,” says Gurmin. “This fire highlights the importance of fire safety and prevention.

Leduc County firefighters responded to the call at roughly 8 p.m. and upon arrival, the home was already heavily involved. Fire crews battled the blaze through the night and into Wednesday morning. No injuries were reported.

 “Following a few simple fire safety steps can go a long way in fire prevention and we ask residents to adopt these practices in their everyday lives,” says Gurmin.

Fire safety tips:

  • Never leave open flames unattended for any amount of time
  • Keep matches, lighters and other ignition sources out of reach of children
  • Properly dispose of and extinguish all smoking materials
  • Use screens on fire pits and burn barrels
  • Use propane or gas barbecues for cooking
  • Keep all barbecues, fire pits, burn barrels, etc. a safe distance from combustible materials
  • Use spark aerators on motorcycles and off-highway vehicles
  • Observe and local municipalities for up-to-date information on fire bans in your area.

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