Four homes evacuated in Leduc County over weekend

Leduc County peace officers assisted RCMP with evacuation

June 25, 2013  – Families are returning to their Genesee-area homes after being evacuated Saturday night due to rising water levels in the North Saskatchewan River.

Four homes, located near Township Road 512 and Range Road 31, were evacuated shortly before midnight Saturday. Three of the homes were occupied at the time of the evacuation, with the fourth residence unoccupied at the time. RCMP led the evacuation, with assistance from Leduc County peace officers.

Leduc County’s public works department set up blockades on two area roadways to prevent travel on damaged or compromised surfaces. These roadways have since been reopened.

“A high streamflow advisory released by the province on Friday alerted emergency personnel in the area to the potential of flooding,” says Clarence Nelson, director of enforcement services. “Our on-duty peace officer took immediate action when he recognized flooding and we are pleased everyone was evacuated in a safe and timely fashion.”

Leduc County’s Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) department is preparing referral information for the evacuated individuals, who may require guidance upon returning to their homes.

Water levels crested in the early hours Sunday and it is not yet known what kind of damage, if any, these homes sustained.

Leduc County peace officers issued several liquor violation tickets to onlookers of the flooding.

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