Firefighters equipped for livestock emergency response

Donation enables local firefighters to respond to livestock emergencies

Sept. 9, 2013 – Leduc County Fire Services is better equipped to respond to emergency situations involving livestock after receiving a Livestock Emergency Response Unit from the Equine Foundation of Canada.

“The Leduc County region is a major hub for livestock and transportation and an increase in transportation events involving livestock make this donation extremely valuable to us,” says Darrell Fleming, fire chief. “These events require specialized training and equipment, which places enormous demands on our first responders. This unit will further assist our men and women in providing high-quality service.”

The Livestock Emergency Response Unit is an 18-foot trailer which includes livestock panels, ropes, a generator, a metal saw and other tools which may aid in the rescue of livestock involved in emergency situations.

The New Sarepta Fire District was identified by the Alberta Farm Animal Care Association as an ideal provider of emergency services for livestock-related emergencies in the region due to its background and experience with agriculture and livestock as well as its close proximity to a major transportation corridor.

The Animal Farm Animal Care Association typically provides rescue units to municipalities where emergency situations involving livestock are probable. It was unable to provide a unit to the New Sarepta Fire District, so the Equine Foundation of Canada stepped up to donate the unit, valued at more than $20,000.

“We are proud to partner with both the Animal Farm Animal Care Association and the Equine Foundation of Canada to provide response in the event of an emergency involving livestock,” says Fleming.

To ensure this new equipment is used to its full capacity, Leduc County expects to train 12 firefighters this fall for livestock handling and the operation of this specialized equipment.

The Animal Farm Animal Care Association promotes responsible, humane animal care in the livestock industry. It aims to strategically distribute rescue units throughout Alberta, with nine units currently in place.


The Equine Foundation of Canada is a non-profit and volunteer-run group dedicated to aiding the health and welfare of horses.

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