Leduc County encourages residents to get informed

Nov. 19, 2013 – Leduc County encourages residents and business owners to get informed about the City of Edmonton’s proposed annexation.

“It is important that all county residents and business owners participate in the discussion surrounding annexation regardless who is leading the discussion, as all residents and businesses will be impacted by the proposed annexation,” says Leduc County Mayor John Whaley.

Municipalities involved in annexation are required by the Municipal Government Board to host consultations with affected landowners as part of the annexation process. The City of Edmonton began its series of open houses on Nov. 18, 2013.

Leduc County remains opposed to the proposed annexation and continues to stress that there are alternatives to annexation – alternatives that will benefit all regional partners and citizens.

“We are confident that, following these consultations, Leduc County residents and business owners will continue to support the county’s view that annexation is not the smartest form of growth for the region,” says Whaley.

The proposed annexation encompasses Leduc County’s priority growth areas and impedes the county’s ability to grow. Smart growth means working together to build a better region for all.

Leduc County encourages residents, business owners and interested parties to get informed, get the facts and share their thoughts regarding the proposed annexation by writing their elected officials.

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