Devon applies for annexation

Jan. 28, 2014 — Town of Devon council unanimously approved its formal Letter of Intent for annexation, to be sent to Leduc County, at the regular council meeting on Jan. 27, 2014.

“This Letter of Intent will initiate the formal annexation process as outlined in the Municipal Government Act,” stated Tony Kulbisky, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Devon.

The Town of Devon and Leduc County have been in discussions regarding annexation for several months. The annexation outlined in the Letter of Intent supports the current development pattern in Devon which has extended eastward following the path of the new South Ravines residential development.

“We are seeking annexation of approximately three quarter sections of land from Leduc County, on the town’s eastern boundary,” stated Devon’s Mayor Stephen Lindop. “We are confident that our friends in Leduc County are supportive of this annexation and we are pleased at the level of cooperation between our two municipalities.”

To date, the proposed annexation lands have been considered for industrial and commercial development within the Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP), a joint agreement between the Town of Devon and Leduc County. With potential industrial development to the south of Devon, both municipalities agree these lands should be reconsidered for residential development with a commercial corridor along Highway 19.

“Following intensive discussions with our regional partner, Leduc County is satisfied that the Town of Devon requires this land for future growth,” says Leduc County Mayor John Whaley. “Leduc County is pleased with the collaborative process undertaken with the Town of Devon to work toward an outcome that is mutually beneficial for both municipalities.”

An amendment to the IDP will be required to identify these lands as residential in order to support the annexation bid and will need to be approved by the Capital Region Board.

“We know our residents will have a lot of questions about this annexation, such as why we are annexing more land if we haven’t developed across Highway 60, and we will be holding open houses over the next few months to share information,” confirmed Mayor Lindop.

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