Leduc County to improve infrastructure in New Sarepta

Provincial grant aids transition of former Village of New Sarepta into Leduc County

April 30, 2014 – Leduc County will begin $1.725 million in critical updates to water, wastewater and roadway infrastructure in the hamlet of New Sarepta this year, thanks to recently-awarded provincial grant funding.

Under the Viability Review Support pilot initiative, Leduc County was awarded $1.55 million for infrastructure upgrades in the hamlet, with the remaining $175,000 to be contributed by Leduc County.

“The Viability Review Support is a new grant offered by the provincial government to aid municipalities, like Leduc County, which recently underwent restructuring,” says Leduc-Beaumont MLA George Rogers. “We are confident this funding will benefit Leduc County and the residents of New Sarepta as they move forward together.”

Following the dissolution of the former Village of New Sarepta, Leduc County assumed responsibility for operations and governance on Sept. 1, 2010.

“We have been tasked with completing cost prohibitive but necessary improvements in New Sarepta since its dissolution,” says Leduc County Mayor John Whaley. “We are pleased that the Government of Alberta recognizes the difficulties of assimilating New Sarepta into Leduc County and we look forward to bringing these critical improvements to our residents.”

Upgrades will directly benefit New Sarepta residents through improved service levels, while also minimizing the burden on other Leduc County ratepayers, due to less tax dollars being diverted into infrastructure enhancements in the hamlet. Upgrades are expected to be completed in 2015.

In addition to the $1.55 million to fund infrastructure upgrades, Leduc County was also awarded a transitional administration and governance grant in the amount of $250,000, which reimburses the county for historical costs incurred while integrating the operations of the former Village of New Sarepta into Leduc County.

The Viability Review Support pilot initiative is part of the Regional Collaboration Program offered by Municipal Affairs, under the Regional Collaboration Program.

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