Town of Devon to submit annexation application to MGB

Leduc County council unanimously supports annexation application

Oct. 7, 2014 – After nearly one year of working collaboratively, the Town of Devon will submit its annexation application to the Municipal Government Board (MGB), with support from Leduc County.

Town of Devon council approved the annexation report and application at its regular council meeting on Sept. 22. Leduc County council approved the documents at its council meeting this afternoon.

“We understand there are development constraints within the Town of Devon’s current boundary and are confident this annexation is a logical extension of the town’s growth,” says Leduc County Mayor John Whaley. “We are proud of the collaborative process followed with the Town of Devon.”

The Town of Devon is seeking to annex roughly 275 hectares (680 acres) from Leduc County for residential and commercial growth. The annexation application aligns with the proposed amendments to the Town of Devon/Leduc County Intermunicipal Development Plan IDP, which sets the framework for collaborative non-residential development outside the Town of Devon’s boundaries.

“Devon has made its case for annexation and we are pleased that our partners in Leduc County have understood our need for a secure residential land supply. We look forward to continuing to build a strong regional partnership with our neighbours,” says Town of Devon Mayor Stephen Lindop.

Following receipt of the annexation application, the MGB will decide if a public hearing is required. So far, the annexation application is uncontested.

The area to be annexed includes land identified in the Leduc County-Town of Devon IDP. The proposed amendments to the IDP and supporting documentation (Annexation Report and South of Devon Industrial Area Structure Plan) were submitted to the Capital Region Board on Sept. 11, 2014 for approval.

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