Annexation to impact businesses in region

Leduc County Business Luncheon attracted business throughout the region

Nov. 26, 2014 – The Leduc County Business Luncheon, held this afternoon in Nisku, attracted more than 100 members of the regional business community interested in learning about the City of Edmonton’s proposed annexations of Leduc County land.

“We are pleased the business community came out to learn about the proposed annexations and support Leduc County,” says Mayor John Whaley. “Annexation would have a profound impact on the businesses that operate locally and globally from within Leduc County and, in particular, the Nisku Industrial Business Park.”

Currently, non-residential taxes in the City of Edmonton are 107 per cent higher than non-residential taxes in Leduc County.

The City of Edmonton provided formal notice of intent to Leduc County to annex two areas of land totalling roughly 38,000 acres, in March 2013. To date, Leduc County is not satisfied the City of Edmonton has justified its need for land.

“We are strong proponents of a plan first, act second approach to development and are committed to working with our regional partners to ensure a joint approach to growth and service delivery,” says Whaley. “We look forward to further negotiation sessions with the City of Edmonton and hope they will adopt this way of thinking as well.”

Leduc County and the City of Edmonton are currently engaged in annexation negotiations, as required by the Municipal Government Board. The next session is set to take place Dec. 16, 2014.

Individuals are encouraged to sign up for Leduc County’s annexation email list to stay informed about the annexation process. To sign up, visit

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