Safety the focus of joint traffic operation

May 13, 2015 – Leduc County Enforcement Services, in coordination with peace officers and sheriffs from the region, conducted a joint traffic operation Monday to promote traffic safety.

Alberta sheriffs and peace officers from the City of Leduc, Town of Beaumont and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement participated in the six-hour operation in the Nisku Industrial Business Park.

“Agencies in the region are strengthened when we work together and this operation is no exception,” says Joel McDonald, Leduc County peace officer. “Through the coordination of multiple area agencies, we were able to effectively promote safe driving on area roadways.”

During the operation, peace officers engaged 70 vehicles and issued a total of 126 tickets totalling $24,924. Violations included 40 seatbelt infractions, 28 distracted driving infractions, two tint violations and 56 other non-moving offences such as expired registration and failure to produce documents.

In addition, peace officers arrested two drivers on a total of four warrants, issued six warnings, towed two vehicles and placed three commercial vehicles out of service due to major vehicle faults.

“We are disappointed that offences such as distracted driving and driving without a seatbelt are still occurring, but are pleased with the outcome of the operation,” McDonald says. “We will continue to promote traffic safety in the region, particularly as we head into the Victoria Day long weekend.”

These joint operations are done at random intervals throughout the year to promote traffic safety on Highway 2 and within Leduc County and the City of Leduc.

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