Leduc County council approves 2015 budget, sets tax rates

May 19, 2015 – Leduc County council unanimously approved the final 2015 budget and 2015 Tax Rate bylaw, which sets the 2015 tax rates, at its special council meeting this morning.

Council approved an $89.34 million operating budget and $68.02 million capital budget. New assessment growth resulted in a final municipal budget increase of 2.67 per cent.

“The budget increase allows Leduc County to provide high quality municipal services to residents and landowners through investing in major capital projects while also maintaining existing infrastructure and services,” says Mayor John Whaley.

The 2015 capital budget includes $10.43 million for road projects, $1.22 million for bridge maintenance and $2.20 million, including carry-forward funds from 2014, for sewer and water rehabilitation in New Sarepta.

Property taxes are comprised of the provincial education levy (31.56 per cent of total) and municipal taxes and other requisitions (68.44 per cent of total). Leduc County is obligated to collect the education levy, set by the Government of Alberta, as part of its property taxes. Leduc County’s total 2015 education levy is $20.63 million, which represents a roughly 10-per-cent, or $1.88 million, increase over 2014.

Roughly 76 per cent of Leduc County property owners can expect a property tax increase of less than $100 compared to 2014, with 11 per cent receiving an increase between $101 and $250.

“We are committed to being fiscally responsible and, over the last five years, have managed to pass on marginal property tax increases to our citizens,” says Allan Krasowski, deputy county manager. “The property tax increases are necessary to preserve the level of service provided to our residential and industrial citizens and, despite these changes, Leduc County still has some of the lowest tax rates in the capital region.”

The county’s total assessment for 2015 is $7.79 billion, which represents an increase of 9.33 per cent over 2014. The increase in assessment is the result of new growth and increases in property values as of July 1 of last year.

Tax notices will be mailed to residents no later than the last week of May 2014. Taxes are due by June 30, 2015.

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