Leduc County requesting stop of non-essential water use

May 26, 2015 – Effective immediately and until further notice, Leduc County is requesting that all industrial and residential citizens cease non-essential water use.

Extended periods of hot, dry weather with little rain have resulted in increased customer demand for water. Water demand forecasts predict that within the next five days, the volume of water in Leduc County reservoirs will be below 35 per cent of its available storage volume.

“To ensure Leduc County continues to have enough water supply for essential use and fire fighting demands, we are asking all citizens to stop watering their lawns and cut back on other non-essential water use,” says Des Mryglod, Director of Public Works and Engineering.

Industrial citizens are advised to follow Industrial Demand “A” protocols and implement business demand measures which will help reduce non-essential water use.

Both the Nisku and New Sarepta water outlets have been closed in response to the water shortage, and will remain closed until further notice.

Industrial and residential citizens will be permitted to resume regular water use only once reservoir storage volumes are above 65 per cent of its available storage volume and demand forecasts predict that the reservoir will remain at stable levels within a 10-day forecast.

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