Council approves tentative agreement for former landfill

Oct. 6, 2015 – At this afternoon’s council meeting, Leduc County council accepted the terms of a tentative agreement which would assist the county in completing remediation work on the former Kavanagh Landfill nuisance grounds.

The tentative agreement was reached during mediation sessions with the involved parties. The tentative agreement, as approved by council, is expected to be accepted by all involved parties.
Mediation discussion and the terms of the tentative agreement are confidential, as per the Alberta Appeal Board mediation appeals process.

n Environmental Protection Order was issued against Leduc County by Alberta Environment on Feb. 23, 2015 in relation to the former landfill, which was closed in the early 1970’s.

Due to policy, procedural, personnel and technology changes since the landfill’s closure, Leduc County has not been able to recover full information on the history of the property and any remedial work completed following the landfill’s closure.

Leduc County is committed to environmental stewardship and has cooperated fully with Alberta Environment’s investigation. The county continues to follow the terms outlined in the Environmental Protection Order and is developing a remediation plan for the former Kavanagh Landfill lands.

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