Leduc County releases Town of Beaumont annexation update

Oct. 13, 2015 – Leduc County, Alberta Leduc County’s costs to respond to the Town of Beaumont’s proposed annexation total more than $1 million.

Since January 2013, taxpayers have contributed roughly $631,000 for legal counsel relating to the Town of Beaumont’s proposed annexation. Throughout the process, Leduc County also engaged a number of subject-matter experts at a cost of roughly $252,000, in addition to internal staff costs of roughly $137,000.

Leduc County was notified of the Town of Beaumont’s intention to annex land in November 2012. Annexation negotiations and mediation commenced in January 2013 and continued for six months. During this time, Leduc County received the Town of Beaumont’s formal notice of intent to annex on April 30, 2013.

As per the Municipal Government Act, Leduc County was required to respond to the Town of Beaumont’s annexation proposal for roughly 24 quarter sections, later revised to 21 quarters or 1,344 hectares (3,320 acres), of land.

The intent to annex by the Town of Beaumont disappointed Leduc County, which advocated a more collaborative planning approach. The County’s approach has proven to be successful with other municipal partners in the region, namely the City of Leduc. Leduc’s successful annexation of 526 hectares (1,300 acres) from Leduc County followed a collaborative process of the development of a joint growth study, intermunicipal development plan and an uncontested annexation application.

Following further technical evaluation and responses, the Town of Beaumont submitted its annexation application to the Municipal Government Board (MGB) an independent and impartial quasi-judicial board established by the provincial government to consider land-planning matters such as annexation in July 2014.

The MGB held a preliminary hearing in fall of 2014 and a merit hearing in June 2015. The board is now preparing its recommendation to the provincial government, which will make the final decision. It is not yet clear when a decision will be made, but Leduc County anticipates sometime in 2016.

Learn more about the TOwn of Beaumont’s annexation.

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