Shaping the agricultural landscape in Leduc County

Oct. 16, 2015 – Leduc County is responding to the changing agricultural landscape and the increase in competing land uses by undertaking an Agriculture Strategy.

When completed, the Agriculture Strategy will detail Leduc County’s long-term vision for agriculture in the county. It will identify key geographic areas to be preserved for long-term agricultural production and will recommend programs and services to support and promote the agriculture industry.

“Leduc County is deeply rooted in agriculture,” says Mayor John Whaley. “We are pursuing the Agriculture Strategy because council believes agriculture must be preserved and promoted in order for Leduc County to remain sustainable for future generations.”

The strategy will be used to inform the Municipal Development Plan which details how Leduc County will grow and develop over a 25- to 30-year period to ensure agricultural land use is balanced with development pressures in the region.

Through online tools and focus groups, Leduc County is seeking the public’s input to help shape the future vision of agriculture in the county.

“Agriculture is more than just one of the main economic drivers in Leduc County,” says Garett Broadbent, director of Agricultural Services. “We recognize that it is a way of life and a community identity and we are committed to understanding the public’s perspective.”

Learn more about the Agriculture Strategy.

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