Leduc County co-hosts big rig rescue training

June 24, 2016 — Firefighters from across western Canada are in Leduc County this weekend for the 2016 Big Rig HOT (hands-on training) Symposium.

Leduc County Fire Services and the Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association are hosting the 10th annual training event from June 24 to 26 to provide more than 120 firefighters from more than a dozen departments across the western provinces with life-saving skills.

 “This symposium will expose first responders to new techniques, tools and technologies specific to big rig rescue situations,” says Darrell Fleming, fire chief and event coordinator/instructor. “This training will elevate the level of service that departments across western Canada can provide and, ultimately, will save lives.”

The symposium is held at the regional fire training facility at the Nisku District Fire Station, which includes a two-storey live-fire structure, a liquid petroleum gas structure and a designated area for vehicle and machinery extrication.

Over the course of the training, firefighters will actively participate in four workshops with different big rig rescue scenarios, such as responding to under runs – which involve one vehicle passing beneath another – rollovers and complicated stabilization and extrication techniques.

“We know this training can save lives and we, in Leduc County, have used the skills obtained from this training to respond to emergencies right here at home,” says Fleming.

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