Edmontonians invited to celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day

The Red Elephant hosts free film screening, panel discussion

Edmonton-based charity The Red Elephant is shining the light on menstrual hygiene this Sunday, May 28 for Menstrual Hygiene Day.

The charity is hosting Menstruation Matters, a free event featuring a panel discussion and screening of the film Menstruation Man, which tells the story of a school dropout who revolutionized menstrual hygiene management in India.

“Access to menstrual hygiene education and products is something many of us take for granted,” says Amanda Sarrazin-Gould, president and founder of The Red Elephant. “We look forward to exposing the challenges girls and women experience around the world, and discussing how we can all make a difference.”

The event kicks off at 1 p.m. in McLennan Ross Hall at the University of Alberta Law Centre; attendees can register for the free event at menstruation-matters.eventbrite.ca.

Each year, groups around the world host events to raise awareness of the challenges girls and women face due to menstruation; The Red Elephant’s event marks the single event taking place in the Edmonton area.

About Menstrual Hygiene Day

Menstrual Hygiene Day is an awareness day celebrated internationally every May 28. It raises awareness of the challenges women and girls worldwide face due to their menstruation, and highlights solutions that address these challenges. Learn more at menstrualhygieneday.org.

About The Red Elephant

The Red Elephant is an Edmonton-based registered charity that provides girls and women around the world with the knowledge, tools and materials to make reusable sanitary pads, helping them reduce and/or remove the barriers they face during and as a result of menstruation.

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