Leduc County announces election candidates

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 5.32.13 PM

After an acclamation in division one, a total of 13 Leduc County residents in six different divisions will have their names included on the ballots in the upcoming municipal election on Oct. 16.

We are pleased to see residents from each of the seven electoral divisions putting their names forward to help shape the future of Leduc County over the next four years.

Gale Miller, returning officer

Candidates were required to submit their nomination papers today between 10 a.m. and noon, signalling their intent to seek election on Oct. 16.

Candidates for the 2017 election are as follows:

Division 1

  • Rick Smith — Acclaimed

Division 2

  • Jeff Berreth
  • Kelly-Lynn Lewis
  • Clay Stumph (incumbent)

Division 3

  • Mary-Ann McDonald
  • Kelly Vandenberghe

Division 4

  • Larry Wanchuk
  • Jocelyn Whaley

Division 5

  • Tanni Doblanko (incumbent)
  • Betty Glassman

Division 6

  • Glenn Belozer (incumbent)
  • Shawna Dennis

Division 7

  • Russell Barager
  • Raymond Scobie

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